It’s 2017 and apparently Connecticut lawmakers are as tired as we are of the same old political nonsense. That’s the only reason I can think of for some of the bill they’re proposing for this year.

First among them is one that actually makes sense but would certainly be revolutionary: The legalization of recreational marijuana. The people want it, the state needs the tax money, and other states have proven it’s possible without too much turmoil.

But after that, things get wonky. There are bills looking to allow people to block unlimited amounts of phone numbers (ever heard of letting it go to voicemail?), bring back tolls (um, no thanks), and even exempt Connecticut from observing Daylight Savings Time (the clocks change, just get over it).

And then there’s the bill that we’re talking about today. This particular piece of legislation would legalize the use of alcohol vending machines.

According to WFSB, the law¬†would allow bars and restaurants that serve booze on site to just have an automated machine that takes and fills your order rather than a bartender. All you need is a legal government ID that matches the credit card you’re using to pay.

On the one hand, I could see why this is a great idea. Mixed drinks will be more consistent – a single will be a single and a double will be a double. Beer will be a perfect pour every time. And it will hopefully be the end of over-serving.

Of course, there’s going to be a downside. Bartenders will lose their jobs. Or, if they don’t, they’ll lose money in tips. It might be more difficult to buy rounds if machines cut you off after a certain number of drinks in an hour or two. And there won’t be that classic bartender camaraderie you see in TV and movies. Something tells me the Pourmaster 3000 won’t be interested in hearing about your sorrows while it wipes down glasses.

As bad as those downsides seem, I’m always up for trying something new for a little while. Bring the booze machines in on a trial basis. At the very least, buying a nip of vodka and a sports drink from the same machine will streamline the beloved walking around cocktail.

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