Keep boosting those immune systems!  This year’s stomach flu is reportedly the worst it’s ever been.

Actually, it’s not a flu at all.  But, considering how awful the real flu makes us feel and how contagious that particular strain is… people tend to mix the two.  It happens.

Washington Post reports that doctors around the nation are seeing an influx of severe cases of norovirus.  Yes, the same bug that took down cruise ships, Chipotle, and The Republican National Convention.

Not only is the bug super contagious, it’s also stronger than ever.  According to doctors, the bug is taking down “clusters of families” in a matter of hours.

Heather Felton, a Louisville pediatrician, said, “Most of what people are saying is that it’s more severe, lasting longer, and people feel a lot worse.”   Felton also added that she’s seen temperatures spiking between 102 and 103 degrees.

Felton finds that particular development worrying, “We don’t usually get that high for your typical stomach bug.”

This bug is anything but typical.  According to Jeff Bernstein, a pediatrician from Silver Spring, patients are mistaking intestinal cramps for appendicitis.

In short: if you get the bug this year, you’re in for a real bad time.

So, make sure your pantry is stocked with broths, saltine crackers, and Gatorade.  It doesn’t hurt to revisit the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) either.  Trust me, if you get sick and don’t have those critical components at hand, you will hate life.  I’ve done it before.  Not fun.  0/10 would recommend.

Also, keep hydrated if you get the bug.  Even if you can’t keep those liquids down, sip water like your life depends on it.  Because it does.

People have gone to the hospital desperately needing intravenous fluids because they became that dehydrated.

Although news about norovirus has been relatively quiet in Connecticut, the Centers for Disease Control says that’ll change real soon.

Aron Hall, an epidemiologist at the CDC says, “Data from the last several years show that outbreaks probably will spike between February and March.”

Also, with thousands of people expected to converge in Washington D.C. for the impending Presidential Inauguration,it could serve as the perfect breeding ground for the virus.

So, we might be in for a doozy this year.


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