It seems Connecticut’s existence as a barren wasteland for the world of professional sports will continue for at least another year, all thanks to just a little bit too much corruption.

You see, Connecticut was in line for a professional soccer team. It was literally about to kick off its inaugural season in less than two weeks. It would start playing in the Major Arena Soccer League using the XL Center as a venue, and then add outdoor seasons into the mix in 2017 when a new stadium would be built in Hartford (even though Mansfield would apparently be a better location).

But no, according to The Hartford Courant, it seems the MASL has pulled its support of the team after a whole series of sketchy details emerged about the team’s ownership. The Courant noted that the team’s owner has previously faced embezzlement charges and has failed to pay some personal and professional debts. Then there were questions about whether the team had overbilled the city for some projects, which was followed by some resignations, and a still yet-to-be-solved mystery of $700,000 that vanished.

So yeah, things have not been going well for Hartford City FC. And not Hartford City FC isn’t a thing. MASL said that it would be open to looking at the team again next year, once all this nonsense is cleared up, but unless there’s an ownership change this thing seems doomed.

Oh well, back to your regularly scheduled minor league baseball programming…

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