Things are a bit bleak in Connecticut. Our business climate is ranked among the worst in the country. Our biggest companies are fleeing for neighboring states. Even Florida can legitimately position itself as a more appealing location for your business’s headquarters.

Bad news, people: It just got a little bleaker. Apparently, Connecticut is so terrible, we can’t even keep our local news stations local. According to a report from, News 12 Connecticut will now be produced in New Jersey, with only a small number of reporters and photographers sticking around to report on Connecticut stories.

You know, the funny thing about local news is that its value to the public basically starts and ends with the local aspect of its product. If your staff doesn’t even live or work in the state you’re reporting on, you might as well tell viewers up front that they’re better off watching the competition.

But such is the state of things here in Connecticut. Even when a TV station lives or dies based on where its staff is located, it’s willing to take the chance that it will die just to get out of here. These are sad times, people. Very sad times.

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