Seriously, this guy is a hero!   A Wilton chef is embarking on a 300 mile journey to end childhood hunger.

Tim LaBant, who owns Schoolhouse at Cannondale, is participating in this year’s Chefs Cycle.  It’s happening May 16th through the 18th in Santa Rosa, California.

Wilton Bulletin reports that all the money raised directly helps the nonprofit, No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry aims to provide every child with the nutrition they need.   It also helps teach parents how to cook healthy and affordable meals.  In short: it’s an invaluable program.

According to No Kid Hungry, one in five kids go to bed hungry and have no idea when their next meal is.  It’s terrible to even think that a statistic like that is even possible in America.  Unfortunately, it’s the terrible truth that there are kids in this country who are starving.

So, LaBant is strapping on his helmet to bike 300 miles for the cause.  Not only is he a chef, he is also a father of four, too.   Obviously, he felt very strongly about that one in five statistic and wants to do everything he can to end it.

He told the Bulletin:

“I just couldn’t imagine, as a chef and father, having a child who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. Being hungry makes everything hard — focusing in school and doing other things you have to do.”

His other goal is to raise awareness about No Kid Hungry so more chefs will participate next year.   He says nothing’s better than “getting together with a group of peers who are passionate about the same things.”

But, biking 300 miles in three days is no easy feat.  Actually, it takes a lot of training to get that far.

LaBant says he’s in pretty good shape for the event since he rides year-round.  It also doesn’t hurt that he used to be a major biker in his youth.  So, he already has a pretty sturdy foundation to work off of.

He used to live near a BMX track in Allen’s Meadow, so he used to race all the time.  He also was an active mountain biker and triathlon athlete in high school and college.

However, riding comfortably is the least of his worries.  His real goal is, “getting the word out about No Kid Hungry and making an impact.”

As of right now, he is almost at his $15,000 fundraising goal.  He says every dollar raised buys up to 10 meals for one child.

I’m no mathematician, actually, I was an English major.  But even I can tell just how many lives LaBant is going to save with his contributions.

So, if you want to help end childhood hunger (and help a local man spread the word about this amazing program) you can donate HERE.  Seriously, I hope this guy surpasses his original goal and doubles it.

Also, if you’re interested in participating in this event, you can check out on how to get involved HERE.

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