Wait, Danbury! Don’t do it, I want this to be my home! I’ll fix it and make it sparkly again! I’ll utilize its secret passageways and hide in all of its hidden rooms behind bookshelves and trick my friends using trap doors and pictures with peep holes as eyes. I’ll read Oscar Wilde poems in my garden and I’ll slide around my library on my library ladder looking for my rare first edition books. I’ll hold elegant parties and serve Harvey Wallbangers and Gin Rickeys while we dance the night away to ragtime.


The Danbury City Council wants to destroy the Hearthstone Castle because it’s falling apart and I guess a little dangerous. It will be voted on whether their evil plan will go through in November.

This castle was built in 1899 and is so bad ass. The city acquired it in 1985 and it has since fallen into disrepair. SO EFFING FIX IT OR SELL IT.

Read more about it’s history and check out more pictures taken by Ray Bendici with Damned CT.

Friends of Tarrywile Park

Friends of Tarrywile Park










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