Well, our colleges are certainly putting the pedal to the medal.  Especially if it comes to digging into their students wallets.  I mean, didn’t we just have a tuition hike last October?  And a year ago?

Anyways, all 17 State colleges are gleefully jacking up tuition once again.   Regional universities will see a 4 percent hike, which amounts to $403.  So, if you head to any of those institutions, the new price will be $10,482.

Meanwhile, community college students will see an additional 2.5 percent.  And that means they have to shell out an extra $104.  So, those new fees will bump up to $4,276.

Lastly, Charter Oak College is raising its tuition by another 4 percent, which means students are glaring at a bill of $7,915.

True, the hikes are not as severe as last year.  But, they’re still asking for more money.   Also, you see these numbers?  You’ll be seeing them again next year, too.

Unfortunately, this won’t even begin to cover the crunch the system faces.  CT Post says it’s been hit with numerous budget cuts and if they really wanted to close the gap, they’d have to roll out double digit hikes.  And, let’s be real about what would happen if they did that.

People go to state institutions to save money while receiving a meaningful education.  If that education costs the same as going to a university with a fancy name, then what’s gonna stop them from going there?

President of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Mark Ojakian announced that he won’t balance the budget on the back of the students.  However, he felt the tuition hike was fair considering the financial burden the system faces.

So, I guess its time to start shopping for scholarships!

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