These are not the best of times.

It seems every week, the news is inundated with police shootings, protests, and riots. The image of the officers we trust to “protect and serve” our communities has fallen, and it has fallen hard. Unfortunately, in many cases that fall has been deserved.

But as we head into the weekend, it is comforting to know that here in Connecticut we still have police officers who take that “protect and serve” mantra seriously. And we know that, without doubt, thanks to the kind heart of Officer Michael Castillo of the Ansonia Police Department and the quick camera work of resident Faith Taylor.

According to a report from WTNH, Officer Castillo responded to a report of young kids fighting outside the Target store in Ansonia earlier this week. When he got there, there was no fight, but there was a group of young kids and one broken bicycle. After confirming that the kids weren’t fighting, Officer Castillo grabbed his tools from his cruiser and fixed the broken bicycle.

Faith Taylor didn’t know what the situation was, she just saw a cop doing someone nice for a young kid and wanted the world to see it. She took a picture of the moment and posted it to the Ansonia Police Department’s Facebook page, where it proceeded to garner over 800 likes and more than 250 shares.

So as you go into the weekend, shake off a week’s worth of bad headlines and know that here in our communities, we have one of the good ones looking out for us.

Image via Facebook/Ansonia Police Department

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