This Sunday marks five years to the date of Hurricane Sandy wrecking Connecticut.  However, this weekend will serve as a grave reminder why we will never forget that awful storm.

Norwalk Daily Voice cautioned residents of a “Hazardous Weather Outlook” issued for the state this weekend.  Basically, it promises buckets of rain and howling winds.  Yes, Mother Nature woke up from her micro nap and is ready for round two.

To be honest, Tuesday’s super soaker wasn’t all that bad.  We needed those 5 inches of rain…

But Connecticut looks like it might experience its second rainstorm this week.  Our state looks like it’s on a direct collision course with a powerful storm edging up the coastline.

Saturday will literally be the calm before the storm.  Beyond a small chance of rain, we’ll see light wind and normal fall temperatures in the high 60’s.   We could leave the windows open Saturday night as the temperatures dip into the low 50’s because the wind will remain pretty light.

But come Sunday, that’s when Mother Nature throws down.  Ironically, she awakens on Hurricane Sandy’s 5th Anniversary.  Thankfully, we won’t see another hurricane but the weather could be just as severe.

Some publications already classified the impending storm as a Nor’easter, but without the snow.  Just tons and tons of rain which could cause flooding.  Also, don’t forget the potentially strong winds either or those dreaded thunderstorms.

The NWS cautions:

“The potential exists for a strong cold front to approach from the west, while an intensifying storm moves up the coast, Sunday into Sunday night. This storm could produce heavy rain capable of causing areal and small stream flooding during this time frame, and also strong winds.”

So, the looming threat of power outages is back on the radar for Sunday into Monday.  You might want to dust off that generator of yours just in case.  Again forecasters say the potential for uprooted trees and downed power lines is very high.

It’s still a little too early to tell exactly how much rain and wind we’ll see.  What forecasters do know, however, is that the storm looks pretty intense.  Already meteorologists pegged it at moving about 40mph.

Crazy, huh?  Sandy’s stormy sequel can move!

So, CT Boom will keep an eye on this upcoming storm as a clearer picture comes into the fold tomorrow.  In the meantime, our friends at Keough’s Paint & Hardware gave us some excellent tips on how to keep your home and family safe during any inclement weather.

What do you think will happen?  Will Sunday be a total washout or will that system miss us.

Also, what do you think of the timing of such a severe nor’easter tearing up the coast on the same day as Sandy?

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