If there’s one thing humans know about the animals we share this planet with, it is that they are incredibly unpredictable. Everything from domesticated pet rabbits to lions in Africa can always find a way to remind us we have no idea what they’re going to do next.

That unpredictability is often what we love and find most impressive about animals! Whether it’s your cat finding a new way to do something derpy and make you smile or a crocodile shooting vertically out of the water with the power of its tail, animals’ most video-worthy moments are always the surprising ones.

But those moments can also be the most dangerous ones, as one home health care worker in Connecticut learned in December. 56-year-old Lynne Denning was caring for a patient in Plainfield when two of the dogs living in the home allegedly attacked her, causing severe injuries to her face, chest, arms, and legs, WFSB reported.

Now, over nine months after the attack, the man and woman that own the dogs have been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, possession of a nuisance dog, and failure to comply with dog licensure requirements, the report said.

While it is good to see that some justice is being done, the story speaks to the larger issue of caring for domesticated animals. No matter how much training a dog or any other pet has, animals still have that unpredictability in them. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that their pets are properly cared for, properly trained, and, when all else fails, properly secured so that they don’t cause harm to others.

And when owners don’t do those things, animals have to die. While the animal may be the cause of the harm, it is the people behind them that are responsible for it, and responsible for the pet’s death when situations like these come up.

It’s a sad story all around – an innocent woman injured, and two animals that didn’t know any better likely facing death – but here’s hoping that pet owners everywhere can take a lesson from it. May we all provide proper care for our animals so that they never become victims of their own spontaneity.

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