For the last few years, Connecticut has been living in Massachusetts’ shadow. People, businesses, and animals (probably) have moved north out of this state and into that one in the search of greener pastures.

And as someone who used to live in Massachusetts, they probably found what they were looking for. If I’m being honest, Massachusetts is a well-run state that is often a few steps ahead of Connecticut. They legalized weed first. They got the jump on us with a casino near the border. They’ve had universal health care for ages.

But in the ongoing feud we have with our neighbors to the north, it hasn’t been completely one-sided. No, Connecticut still manages to get a few wins in here and there. Our pizza is still way better than their pizza. We’re better friends with New York than they are. And we’re pretty sure our best women’s college basketball team could compete with their NBA team.

And according to WTNH, as of last weekend, Connecticut can add a historical victory to its record. The report claims that a 200-year-old tavern that spent the last two centuries in Massachusetts has been literally moved, piece by piece, down to Connecticut.

That’s right, folks! Forget General Electric, we got this cool, old tavern!

Now, to be clear, it’s not a business. Unfortunately, this is not a tavern that we can all go and enjoy and give business to in an effort to rub the whole thing in Massachusetts’ face. It’s actually just a privately owned building that some guy in Connecticut bought on Craigslist so he could put it on his property in Guilford.

But still! After 200 years, what was once Massachusetts’ is now ours! It might not be the perfect victory we were looking for (*cough* we’ll still welcome the New England Patriots to move to Hartford whenever they’re ready *cough*), but at least it’s something.

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