I’m just going to apologize right now for that headline, but I couldn’t resist. Opportunities like this don’t around all that often.

Now onto the real news, which is that Connecticut is winning the fight against cigarette smoking!

In fact, according to 24/7 Wall Street, Connecticut is in TOP 10 for lowest smoking rates in the country, with just 15.4 percent of the population lighting up on a regular basis.

That probably is thanks in large part to our crazy $3.65 per pack tax on cigarettes, but let’s pretend the primary reason is that we care about our health because oh boy is smoking really, really bad for you.

How can we tell?

Well, the 24/7 Wall Street study also looked at cancer-related deaths and premature deaths. Connecticut impressed with the 8th fewest cancer-related deaths and the 2nd-fewest premature deaths in the country.

States with the highest smoking rates did not fare so well. In West Virginia, the smoking-est state in the union thanks to 26.7% of people lighting up, they see 221.6 cancer deaths for every 100,000 people (3rd highest in the country) and 466.4 premature deaths for every 100,000 people (2nd highest in the country).

The other four smoking-est states that made up the Top 5 (Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Louisiana) all ranked in the Top 10 for most cancer deaths and most premature deaths.

So good job, Connecticut! Not only are you keeping the air in our state clean (which is something we desperately need), but you’re extending your lives. Keep up the good work!

(via CT Post)

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