Okay, so this completely blows my present out of the water.

So, if your dad is like mine and is only happy when he’s clutching a fishing poll because he SWEARS that there’s a bass he’s reeling in… I got some pretty good news for you.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has designated Father’s Day as “Free Fishing Day.”  Spokeswoman Cyndy Chanaca told CTPost, “To fish on these days, anyone — resident or non-resident — can obtain a free one-day fishing license good for both the inland and marine districts, a perfect time to “try before you buy.”

Chanaca encourages everyone to take advantage of this day.

You can print off those extra-special one-day fishing passes on DEEP’s website.

This is pretty awesome considering some of us have skimped out on buying our fishing licenses due to the rising costs.  As of now a resident coughs up $28 to fish during the season while children and teens cost $14.

The free fishing day is part of a 2014 state law that gives DEEP to jurisdiction to pick two days out of the year in an effort to encourage residents to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature.

If you cannot make the time to go fishing this weekend, a second chance is coming up on Saturday, Aug. 13.

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