February of 2015 will be remembered in Connecticut for being brutally, unforgivably, unbearably cold. I think I can speak for most of my fellow citizens by saying Spring literally cannot come fast enough.

However, the brutal cold gives us a unique opportunity. The record low temperatures that we’ve grown uncomfortably accustomed to means that this weekend, and this weekend only, we’ll get an ice bar.

If you’ve ever been to midtown Manhattan, you’re probably familiar with the neon experience of Minus5. You put on parkas to enter a room where everything is made of ice – the walls, the stools, the bar itself. It’s actually pretty cool (no pun intended – seriously).

So, tonight and tomorrow, you can experience one yourself if you visit Rizzuto’s. But only one Rizzuto’s – sorry Bethel, Stamford, and West Hartford – you’ll have to go to Westport for this one.

Image credit: Istockphoto/thinkstock

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