A very odd thing happened this morning. Multiple radio and TV stations ran a national alert about a Tsunami off the coast of Connecticut in Long Island sound. Naturally everyone who heard or saw the alert went through a variety of emotions.

“What?!” “Huh?!” “Wait… is this real?” “should we seek higher ground?” “this can’t be real?!”

Apparently what happened, according to Chaz and AJ In The Morning, is that the EAS system which sends our national weather and disaster alerts to broadcast stations ran a test alert that was sent to stations as a real alert by accident. In the words of Homer Simpson… “D’oh!”

Someone somewhere is definitely fired.

My theory is that the EAS system was hacked by somebody just for bits. But if you were going to hack the system with a fake disaster alert wouldn’t you do “Zombie Apocalypse”? Come on, hackers. Do better.

In the meantime we are going to seek higher ground anyway just in case.


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