If you were alive in Connecticut last year, you know that Gilmore Girls came back.

There is arguably no other show that features our state so prominently. Hartford, I-95, and (of course) Yale’s campus were mentioned constantly throughout the show. It was a full on Connecticut-palooza playing out on television sets across America.

And in 2016, nearly 10 years after the show went off the air, it was suddenly back. The stars of the show, the original writers, and the whole cast of side characters got back together to produce four 90-minute episodes to be released on Netflix. To say there was a Gilmore Girls frenzy would be putting it mildly.

Things got so crazy that there was actually a Gilmore Girls fan festival. People bought tickets, some of the actors from the show made appearances, and there was an abundance of New England charm. And because the writer of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino, one said she ws inspired to write the story after a stay in Washington, Connecticut, that’s where the festival was held.

But according to the News Times, not everyone in Washington is crazy for Gilmore Girls. True to the spirit of some of the characters in the show, residents in Washington made a big huff about the town being flooded with out-of-towners. They complained that the local first selectman didn’t disclose. information about the festival upon request. And they even got so deep into the particulars that they argued Washington didn’t even make sense for the festival because Stars Hollow, the fictional town where the show takes place, had a gazebo on the town green while Washington did not.

Now, with 2017 already underway and organizers hoping to keep the Gilmore Girls train rolling right along, the fight came to a head. Would Washington host again? Would the festival be out on the streets, stuck searching for a new home?

Well, if you read headlines as well as you’re reading this article, you know Washington said no thanks to year two of the festival. Festival organizers told the News Times that it was a scheduling issue, not the complaints from last year, but we can all read between the lines.

So if you’re looking to continue expressing your undying love the show that put Connecticut on the TV map, you can find year two of the Gilmore Girls Festival in Kent, Connecticut this October. Just make sure you’re nice to the locals. A couple more years of complaints and this festival will run out of towns that can pass for Stars Hollow.

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