Connecticut has a weird reputation as this wealthy little pocket of the country nestled just outside of New York City. When people think Connecticut, many think of the wealth in places like Greenwich and houses that look like Trump’s former mansion.

But if you ask most people in Connecticut, that idea doesn’t really resonate. So much of Connecticut is blue-collar and just doing their best to get by. Unfortunately, the small amount of attention those people get is about to shrink even smaller.

That’s because, according to The Greenwich Times, the percentage of “millionaire households” in Connecticut went up in 2016. Last year, just 7.3 percent of households had a million dollars “in investable assets.” This year, that’s 7.4 percent.

The uptick is small, but not insignificant. According to that figure, there are 102,300 millionaire households in Connecticut. That’s the 2nd highest ratio in the country.

But there is some good news here. Because, you see, our little state is having a bit of a money crisis. We spend more than we make. We’re being run like the worst business. But with more wealth developing within our borders, a solution is revealing itself.

I shouldn’t have to draw a map here for lawmakers, but if they really can’t find a way to make ends meet with reasonable spending cuts, maybe – just maybe – they could look to the super wealthy for a little help.

I’m not saying they should start slamming people with taxes. The approach should be measured and backed by economists and all that. And maybe don’t hit the new millionaires – let them enjoy the new status for a while. But if we’re going to be thought of as a rich state and we’re going to have the 2nd highest percentage of homes within that millionaire realm, the state should get something out of that.

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