Faith in humanity restored!  The Internet did it for Pawpaw… and it’s happened again!

Heartbreak quickly turned into the warm and fuzzies after Magdalene Jourdan’s story went viral.   The 89-year-old artist was so excited to have her very own art exhibition at Thompson Public Library in North Grosvenordale.  Unfortunately, besides a few family members, barely anyone showed up for the show’s official opening and she was devastated.

Her granddaughter snapped the photo of her trying to recollect herself after the event, which immediately went viral.

Look at this and tell me your heart doesn’t shatter in a million pieces.


It was Papaw and his hamburgers all over again… only it was Memaw and her precious paintings; and the world wanted to do something about it!

People from all over the world to Buzzfeed showed up in droves to Magdalene’s art exhibit and learned just how impressive this woman truly is.  She’s a WWII survivor and paints nature to remind her that there is something beyond the ugliness of violence and war.  She’s been doing this since she was 3-years-old.

So, how does this story end?  

There’s still time to see Magdalene’s incredible art.  Her exhibit is open until the 25th!

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