We all love the movie Bambi because nothing is more precious than a deer befriending a bunny and a skunk.  But, now that winter is here, we tend to create multiple Bambi’s mom with our cars.

Oh, come on, you totally used that joke before.

Interestingly enough, Connecticut’s deer really like to paint our cars red.   According to Pawson, in conjunction with State Farm, 1 in 304 people in CT hit a deer in the past year.

Considering this state houses over 3.5 million people, that’s a lot of people who hit deer in the past year.   Unfortunately, since I studied English and history… I have no way of giving you the exact amount.

I tried, became aggravated, and decided to go back to writing this article.  If you wish to do the math for me, please, be my guest.  I still have this exact equation hanging up on my Facebook page.

Anyways, you are way more likely to hit a deer with your car than practically a lot of other things.  For example, lightning striking you right now as you read this article.  The likelihood of that happening is 1 in 700,000.

But, for those reading this while taking off on a plane: the odds of the plane crashing and you dying is 1 in 11 million.

However, many people wish to win the lottery, but with the odds of 1 in 175 million, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning and THEN die in a plane crash.

On top of that, you’re more likely to become president than win the lottery since those odds are 1 in 30 million.

That said, out of all the things most likely to happen to you this year, you’re more likely to hit a deer than anything else.

With that said, here’s my advice on how to avoid that from happening.

My first rule of thumb: if you see a deer standing on the side of the road, always assume there’s more.  So, slow down and keep your eyes peeled.

Because deer are jerks.

Secondly, deer are more active in the early morning and early evening.  So, if you must travel side roads during dusk or dawn, befriend your brake pedal and go slow.   Considering it’s still mating season, deer are definitely on the move so be smart.

That said, if you see deer and fear you might hit them, honk your horn.  But, only honk your horn if you’re the only one on the road.  You don’t want to spook them and send them flying into oncoming traffic.

Deer populations certainly rebounded over the past years.  Mild winters and conservative hunting definitely helped bolster their numbers.   It also helps that hunters also poach their predators, too.

So, with reduced predators and a high sex drives, the deer population exploded in the past years.

With that said, if you don’t want to hit Bambi’s mom this year, keep your wits about you when driving on the roads.  And always wear your seat belts, too.  Sometimes these guys come out of nowhere and they cause a lot of damage to your car.

Be careful!

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