According to stereotypes, Connecticut is the “rich” state.  It harrumphs over Grey Poupon, crab legs, and short shorts.  If our state accessorized, people think it’d probably come equipped with a monocle and a wad of dough.

So, it’s kinda sad when our politicians think the reputation still applies when rolling out our annual budget.

Turns out, maybe it does contain a modicum of truth.  According to NBC Connecticut, some of the world’s wealthiest continue to call this place home.

Yep.  The Forbes 2017 Billionaire’s list is out and, turns out, Connecticut didn’t do too bad.  Still, the list boasts that the world hosts over 2,000 billionaires now.   Apparently, that’s 200 more than the prior year.  So, if you need percentages for illustration’s sake, the world’s billionaire population swelled by 13 percent.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell just how many new blue bloods the state added to its roster.  But a whopping 17 probably maybe ain’t all that shabby.

Actually, when California claims it’s home to 124 members of the filthy rich, it really shows that Connecticut’s coffers are truly lacking.  In addition, our neighbor New York is home to 94 billionaires.   So, it is probably very true that the wealthy are fleeing the state.

Either way, we’ll take the remaining 17.  So, who are these people and where did they wind up on this year’s roundup?

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