What happened to hometown pride?! A recent Gallup poll asked which state residents thought that the state they lived in was the best.  Seems like a simple question- I would think that if you choose to live in a state, you probably love it- right?  Assuming that we still live in a free country and we have the God given right to move and choose where we build our home, you would think a person would live somewhere they love.  Wrong.  Connecticut fell close to the bottom of that list.  Only 31% of Connecticut residents say that our state is the best.  Less than one third of our population thinks we’re the greatest in the land.  That’s just sad.

So, who has the most state pride?  It’s a tie between Montana and Alaska.  77% of their population thinks that their state is the best.  Montana and Alaska.  What the hell is in Montana and Alaska that their residents are so proud to live there?!  I’m not going to lie, despite being an insane person, Sarah Palin did turn me on to Alaska.  I’m ashamed to admit I watched more than one of her ridiculous reality shows about the state.  It is beautiful.  I even went on vacation there (Feel free to judge me)- but the best place to live?  If you’re into being cold and salmon fishing, I guess I can see that.  But Montana?  I’ve never been to Montana but all I envision is the Marlboro man on a horse.  Why are they all so proud while we aren’t?

I have a theory.  We are a torn state.  What I mean by that is there are many very educated residents in Connecticut.  Some are gun-carrying, Malloy hating, Republican Conservatives, while big portions of the state are free wielding, tree-hugging Democrats.  Put us all together and you know what you get?  Turmoil and conflict.  I see it all the time.  My Facebook feed is the perfect example of that.  One post is a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in 15 years proudly showing off her new glock at the firing range- while the next is a status update from a Sandy Hook based organization urging the government to tighten gun laws.  We are a polarized society- which makes us hate each other… and ultimately, hate our state.

It just makes me sad.  We live in a beautiful state filled with beautiful people- who hate taxes, Governor Malloy, and Metro North.  But on the flip side, Connecticut is filled with people that love good pizza, Governor Malloy, and our proximity to NYC and Boston.  Let’s be proud of where we’re from.

Hey, it could always be worse- Only 18% of people are proud and think Rhode Island is great.  Now, there’s a state that has nothing going for it.


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Source: Gallup

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