Connecticut is not often the setting for viral videos – especially not good ones. The last time our state achieved internet fame was when UConn’s Mac N Cheese Kid lost his mind at the dining hall after one (or five) too many beers.

Suffice to say, when a video in our neck of the woods grabs a headline, we’re a little wary. But for once in our lives, we have a viral video to be proud of. And it’s all thanks to a junior varsity high school basketball player from New Fairfield.

According to Deadspin, New Fairfield sophomore Brett Tenaglia is responsible for this jaw-dropping buzzer beater in a JV game against Bunnell High School. Just take a look:

The report goes on to say that New Fairfield would lose by three in double overtime. Now, that’s not the ending any of us would hope for, but think about it this way: In 20 years, when you look back on 2017 for all the nonsense that happened, are you going to remember the final score of a random Connecticut JV basketball game? Or, are you going to remember that random kid who sunk a full court heave off a missed free throw?

Luckily for Tenaglia, I’m pretty confident we’ll all say the latter. He’s not only going to go down in our memory banks as the kid that made that crazy shot, but he’ll also go down as the kid who saved Connecticut’s viral video history from the likes of Mac N Cheese kid. Thanks, Brett. As long as you’re never caught accosting a dining hall manager, you’ll stay a hero in our books.

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