You read that headline correctly. And yes, it’s that NASA.

When most of us were little, we had a dream job. Some people wanted to be firefighters. Some people wanted to be police officers. Some people wanted to be professional athletes. And others, usually the brightest of the bunch, dreamed of being astronauts.

For most of us, that dream doesn’t work out. All the science, math, and physical strength it takes to go to space can only be mastered by those who truly push themselves. And frankly, most of us don’t.

But in Milford, Connecticut, 60 students are proving they’ve got what it takes. And according to the CT Post, while they might not be going to space just yet, they’re building something that is.

The CT Post report says that students at Platt Technical High School are working with NASA as part of the HUNCH program (High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware) to build a storage locker that will house experiments on the International Space Station.

Not only do they get to build the thing and know that real astronauts are using it to advance science, but they got to sign the thing. Meaning that their names will be joining their handiwork in orbit.

Part of me wants to be skeptical here. After all, these are just high school students and it’s hard to believe NASA is entrusting the precise and detailed work required for a project like this to 17- and 18-year-olds. But this is too cool to be a curmudgeon about.

These kids are not only getting to live out a scenario that most of us could never have dreamed of, but they will have a story for the rest of their lives about the time they worked for NASA when they were just in high school. Whether they become astronauts and go to space or not, that’s one hell of a pick up line at the bar on a Saturday night.

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