It’s only Tuesday, but we’ve already got the feel good story of the week locked up.

It’s all thanks to a snuggly little pup that decided to take his morning walk on the northbound side of I-95 in Fairfield. According to an NBC Connecticut report, he was trotting between exits 23 and 24 at about 7AM.

Now, things could have gone perfectly awry in this situation. A highway is a scary place for a dog. Cars are going fast, there isn’t an easy escape route, and people are unlikely to stop and help a pup in need.

But not on this day. On this day, traffic stopped, Connecticut police intervened, and our four-legged hero was scooped up and rescued.

After a hectic morning, he’ll get to hang out with his new cop buddies at the police barracks and wait for his owner to pick him up.

As for the owner? Well, he or she will probably be bummed their pet was the cause of traffic on 95 and be on the receiving end of a stern talking to from the cops.

Keep your dogs leashed or fenced in, people. We all love dogs, but when they’re running around in dangerous situations, bad things can happen. None of us wants to see that, so do your part and keep your pups safe!

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