Donald Trump… Hillary Clinton… Bernie Sanders… Even Chris Christie.  These are names that are widely known as people who would like to be elected president this year.  How about David Morascini?


David Morascini from New London is a Maverick smoking, peace loving, life coach who has filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission for his bid.  He is one of about 1500 “common” people who have decided that they can run the country.  Other notable names of those who have filed papers to be president: Buddy the Elf, Mickey Mouse, and Yoda.  (Personally, Buddy the Elf has a much better understanding of climate control)

Anyway, David and his handlebar mustache live on a boat.  A forty-foot boat.  He says that he will legalize drugs, prostitution, and declare that we are a friendly country with our enemies.  He is concerned that the oceans are “dying” and believes we need to throw back to the time of the 1960’s.  He is a registered Democrat and has started a t-shirt campaign to raise money for his campaign.  You can own this shirt for $25 and support David in his quest for the White House:


As of publication, David has sold zero shirts.

Oh, there’s a GoFundMeAccount and Facebook page too.


Read More about David here.

Source: The Day

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