Sports highlights are a beautiful thing. They’re short, they’re exciting, and everyone can enjoy them. Seriously, it can be the NFL, the MLB, or some obscure cricket or rugby league from across the planet – if a highlight play is made, it doesn’t take an expert to understand it.

Unfortunately, here in Connecticut we don’t get many hometown highlight heroes. Sure, ESPN is based in Bristol so technically our state does make all the highlights, but in a less literal sense, our state seems like it lacks playmakers. In fact, a Google Video search for “Connecticut’s best sports highlights” yield this mostly bad video of “cup stacking” as the top result. And I’m sorry to say that, no, cup stacking is not a sport.

So what does that mean for Connecticut? Mostly it means that we lead sad, cold lives filled with exciting sports highlights from every state except ours. Whether it’s a Boston team from up north or a New York team from down south, we’re surrounded by playmakers that don’t belong to us. And that hurts so bad sometimes that most of us just stop feeling things about sports highlights. They became background noise to our exciting-sports-less lives.

That is, until Sunday. Because on Sunday, a hockey player in Connecticut did something that stirred our souls. He pulled off a move and a goal that woke us up from our sad slumber. He made a crazy, highlight-worthy play right here in Connecticut and it is worth watching at least a dozen times.

Do you feel that? Do you see Josh Winquist of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers collecting a hot pass effortlessly? Do you see him pivot past the first defender, using his body to protect the puck? Do you see him quickly realize that pivot exposes him to a second defender? Do you see him instantaneously compute that to keep the puck he has to flick it between his own feet and then actually pull it off? Did you watch him look up and see an opening, lose his balance, still manage to shift the puck away from that first defender’s desperate stab, and stay on one foot long enough to wrist a shot past the goalie before that defender’s desperate stab trips him to the ice?

Seriously, go back and watch that highlight. Watch a hockey player right here in Connecticut pull of every sequence of that play in the span of 4 seconds.

Remember that cold, dark place I was talking about before? That Connecticut that doesn’t have playmakers and lives in envy of every state that has some? Forget all that. Josh Winquist is a playmaker, and there are probably more out there in our state.

Connecticut’s problem isn’t a lack of playmakers. It’s a lack of video of those plays being made. So turn on your cameras folks. Doesn’t matter if it’s your 4-year-old’s soccer game, a high school wrestling championship, or college lacrosse. Connecticut’s playmakers are out there making highlights and as long as there is video, the rest of us are here to watch and enjoy.

(via /r/Connecticut)

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