Do you know what a superbug is? Well, you’re about to find out.

In short, it’s a bacterial infection that is resistant to what’s known as “the antibiotic of last resort.” Basically, when you’re sick and take antibiotics and none of them seem to be working, the antibiotic of last resort is the thing doctors can turn to that will absolutely kill your infection.

Except that now some infections are popping up that can resist that antibiotic, meaning that solution isn’t so absolute anymore. Those infections are being called “superbugs” and, lucky us here in Connecticut, a toddler in our state is the latest person to come down with one, according to The Washington Post.

Now, before you start lighting torches and buying pitch forks, the girl was cured by a less powerful antibiotic that the infection was not resistant to. But this is cause for a little alarm.

The Connecticut superbug case was the 4th human superbug infection in the United States, and apparently the expectation is that these kinds of things will spread.

The good news is that it seems the infection is most commonly contracted from food, and that the CDC thinks that the chance of it being contagious from an infected person to a healthy person seem pretty low. So as long as you don’t eat weird street meat all the time or make out with anyone of the people who have this thing, we all should be fine. For now.

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