Ugh, enough already!  Once again, the headlines have that dreaded “d” word in their articles.  Yes, the drought wants to make a comeback and local officials are not so happy about it.

Darien Daily Voice warns that reservoir levels around the state already dipped below normal levels.  That’s all due to the ongoing dry weather and an increased irrigation demand.

So now, water utilities want their consumers to start buckling down on their consumption.  By about 10 percent.

On top of that, Aquarion advised its customers in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford to shut off their sprinklers for the season.  Raise your hand if you think they listened.

Wow, no one raised their hands.  I’m so not shocked by this.

I mean, we technically saw the same exact behavior in California when the state struggled through their worst drought in history.  So, I doubt anyone will hold their breath over that.

However, that doesn’t change the dwindling reservoir levels across the state.  Normally around this time of year, Greenwich reports reservoirs at 67 percent capacity.  Right now, it’s 48 percent

Stamford’s a little bit better with their reservoirs just 10 percent less than the seasonal average.  Although, everyone agrees that the current levels are far better than around this time last year.

Still, drought triggers across the state are now active.  In Greenwich, the town experienced a 23 percent decline in seasonal rainfall, which continues to complicate their dwindling water reserves.

Charles Firlotte, Aquarion president and CEO, says the company hopes its customers follow its drought guidelines to avoid another catastrophic winter.

“It is important for our customers to support these voluntary conservation measures, and continue to use our water resources wisely.”

So, on top of shutting down irrigation systems for the seasons, customers can do a few easy fixes to reign in their water intake.  Such as fixing leaky pipes and faucets.

Consumers can also switch to full laundry loads to cut down on water usage and turn off the tap when brushing their teeth.

Other suggestions include washing dishes in a basin and not under running water to taking shorter showers.  You can click HERE for more suggestions.

Either way, water utilities want all of us to cut down on our consumption by 10 percent.  Although we might not see conditions as bad as last year’s drought, no one wants to take the risk.

So, until Mother Nature decides to do away with this warm temperature nonsense, we just have to wait it out until our soggy autumn weather finally gets here.

Do you think it’ll rain soon or will this dry spell continue throughout the winter?

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