Fistfights can be fun… if they’re on pay per view.  But when in Connecticut, you can watch a massive brawl for the low price of free.

Once again the state has proven that it is a beacon of hope, intelligence, and dignity.  Not.  Fox 61 reports that a gigantic fight between hundreds of teens broke out at Buckland Hills in Manchester yesterday.  The mall quickly evacuated and closed shortly after.

All of it caught on social media, too.

Turns out this was part of a nationwide trend involving teens throwing down at malls.  Texas, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee, and North Carolina enjoyed a healthy serving of teenage violence on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Perhaps they didn’t know what Boxing Day is really about?  I mean, they are teenagers.

Either way, the nation is, obviously, shaken and is seriously concerned about the mental state of our youth.  When thousands of kids suddenly engage in a large-scale melee, it brings into question what our nation is in for.  These kids are our future leaders.  Scared yet?

The fact that these kids would rather smash heads and roll around on the floor like hellions on a Monday night is a giant wake-up call.  Our nation is in serious trouble if something doesn’t happen.  Fast.

Too bad we’re not hearing that many solutions beyond taking away participation trophies.  Yeah, like that’s gonna work.

The fact that this happened in our own backyard and, honestly, might happen again now that the kids got a taste of social media fame… something needs to happen.  And happen fast.

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