Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I had never heard of powdered alcohol before today. And unfortunately, hearing about it today is basically the worst time to hear about it because Connecticut is working on a ban of the stuff that will start in October.

Why would the state ban such an innovative and practical development on one of mankind’s favorite products? Well, per usual, it’s the kids’ fault. Apparently teens have been taking advantage of powdered alcohol’s “easy-to-smuggle-and-conceal” feature, according to NBC Connecticut.

The result has been a lot of drunk kids, some of whom are snorting the stuff to “get drunk ‘almost instantly,'” according to the report.

All we have to say is: Thanks a lot, children. Powdered alcohol is brilliant. It could have helped us all get buzzed at concerts and sporting events without dropping $30 or $40 on mediocre light beer. It could have helped us serve delicious cocktails to our of-age friends without having to go through the effort of actually mixing drinks. But soon, powdered alcohol likely won’t be able to do any of that.

The Connecticut House of Representatives passed the ban 143 to 2, according to the report. It’s already been approved by the State Senate, which had members calling for a federal ban, too. So now all it needs is a signature from Governor Malloy.

So basically, stock up on “palcohol” now, because come October 1, the joy ride is coming to an end. Honestly, at this point I’d rather have not found out about this stuff. It would have at least spared me the sadness of losing it.

Image via Twitter/@Palcoholic

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