It’s a new world record! So, about a week ago, Oregon made national headlines by creating the world’s cheesiest pizza. Basically, they created a monster by using over 100 types of cheese. But, in two days, Connecticut will steal their thunder. And it will be glorious.

So, this comeuppance is the brainchild of 95.9 The Fox‘s morning host, Ken Tuccio, along with Letizia’s Pizza in Norwalk and No. 109 Cheese & Wine in Ridgefield. Their goal? Make the cheesiest pizza possible.

Well, within reason.

Apparently there’s well over 900 cheeses in the world, a fact which I googled. Do you know there’s over 400 French cheeses in existence? Wow.

Either way, I don’t think it’s humanly possible to fit that many types of cheese on a pie. But, considering what people have done to milkshakes

Anyways, Letizia’s Pizza and No. 109 Cheese & Wine are combining forces this Thursday to put 109 types of cheese on a singular pizza. It all goes down at 8am, so you can listen to the madness as it’s happening during your ride to work.

Also, you can taste the madness, too. Letizia’s will be selling their special creation all day on Thursday. But, it’s a one and done deal, so it’s only available that day. Then, it’ll blink out of existence forever because people aren’t meant to handle that much cheese.

You may hold the title for now, Oregon.  But, come Thursday, Connecticut will claim it. That world record will be ours!

Now, are you brave enough to give it a try? You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be first in line and I’ll blog all about it. Either this will be the most incredible thing I’ve tasted, or it won’t be. So, you should totally treat your taste buds on Thursday.

You can actually tell your friends you tasted history. No one can take that from you. Ever.

If you want to hear how Ken Tuccio came up with this amazing idea, check out the First Thing Fairfield County podcast:

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