Connecticut is a pretty good place to live. Aside from the cold, the taxes, the lack of things to do, and having to drive everywhere, there isn’t really that much to complain about.

And one of the biggest pros of our fair state is, without a doubt, the people. I’ve lived in a few places throughout New England and there’s no denying that the spirit of New England’s people is pretty much the best thing about the region. We’re tough, we work hard, we care for one another, and we make sure that everyone is looked after.

And that’s not just anecdotal. A new study cited in a report from WTNH shows that the people of Connecticut are actually more engaged in their communities than the rest of the country. We volunteer more of our time, we donate more of our money, and we’re more likely to participate in the governance of our towns.

I don’t mean to gloat, but that’s why I’m still willing to put up with the cold 5 months out of the year. Sure, the idea of spending the afternoons on a warm beach in California or Miami makes me smile and wish for summer, but deep down those places just don’t have the heart Connecticut does.

So good on you, Nutmeggers. We may be locked in our homes to avoid the snow and wind this time of year, but that’s only to keep the cold out of our warm and giving hearts.

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