Back in May, I took some time to rip into people who still think it’s a good idea to text and drive. Why? Well, the obvious reason is that it’s basically an invitation for chaos and injury or death to forcefully invade your life-space.

The less obvious reason is that I published that story right on the heels of Connecticut’s last “distracted driving crackdown,” during which police in Greater New Haven gave our more than 1,500 distracted driving tickets.

And, since that last crackdown was so “successful,” the Connecticut Department of Transportation is bringing it back. According to WTNH, local and state police will be going all out to punish distracted drivers starting this week and ending on August 16th.

I know that it’s weird for there to be an end date on this (police should, presumably, be working to stop this nonsense all the time), but take it as an invitation to develop a good habit. After all, habits take time to form and what we’ve got right here is a solid two weeks in which to from them.

So when you get in the card, put your phone on silent and drop it into the back seat behind you. Keep doing that until you stop thinking about your phone while you’re in the car. Once you’ve stopped thinking about it, keep dropping your phone into the back seat. Why? Because you’re driving and you don’t need it! Stop risking all our lives just so you can be the first person to reply with a “LOL” on that group text with your besties.

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