I love this website Thrillist.com. They come up with the funniest maps of the U.S. like “Which states eat the most hot dogs”. RIVETING STUFF, I SWEAR! So I was tickled pink when I saw this new map: WHAT EACH STATE DOES THE BEST!

Hmmm…. what does Connecticut do the best!? Let me guess…

We grow the best apples?
We eat the best pizza?
We drink the most beer?


well… kind of anticlimactic if you ask me but whatever, that’s cool. Twins are cool and creepy at the same time, so I guess we can pride ourselves on being the coolest and creepiest state in the nation.

Check out what the other state’s are good at doing, like Wyoming, which has “the lowest rate of syphilis” (that’s because no one really lives there).

Image: Thrillist.com

Image: Thrillist.com

Top Image: PR Photos

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