Why didn’t I see this before?  This is the most beautiful pun on the face of the planet.  And it’s about Connecticut, too!

So, artists from a collective called Foodiggity created 50 food puns based off each state in America.  Just Something reports that the son of Foodiggity’s founder, Chris Durso, suggested making states out of food.

At first, Durso dismissed the idea.  But then, it took hold and made him wonder if it was possible.  Because his son then asked, “But what if they like had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky?”

In short, his son said the magic words.  And things got interesting.

So, say hello to Kalefornia and Pretzelvania.  Personally, S’moregon happens to be one of my top faves.

But NOTHING can beat what Foodiggity came up with for Connecticut.  Because, honestly, it’s absolutely genius.

Are you ready?

Artist Reimagines All 50 States As Food Puns. Tunassee Is The Best Ever.


Now, did that come even close to the food pun you mentally came up with for our state before clicking the link?  Because it sure didn’t come close to mine.

And mine was… pretty terrible.

So, scroll through those 50 food puns and tell me which one is your favorite.  Or, tell me if you have an even better pun!

Either way, hats off to Foodiggity for making me laugh on a Monday.

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