Connecticut has been busy when it comes to giving birth. First, there was the Christmas Eve baby born on the side of the highway. Then there was the blizzard baby that required a lot more shoveling than most births need. And now, there is the telephone baby.

According to NBC Connecticut, a Connecticut State Trooper had to get on the phone and give a woman and her husband’s cousin instructions on how to deliver the woman’s newborn on the side of the highway in Hartford.

The report says Imani Crawford was on her way to the hospital with her husband’s cousin when she realized they wouldn’t make it. They called 911, were told to wait for first responders, but called back when they couldn’t wait any longer. That’s when State Trooper Charles Lavoie got on the phone. Apparently, he’s done the whole “highway birth” thing once before.

Apparently the mother and child are both happy and healthy, which is great news. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to give birth on the side of the road. It’s cold. There are cars whizzing past. There’s no experienced medical professional there to assist. It’s just you, hopefully some blankets, and your bare hands. Suffice to say, Crawford is going to have to make her husband’s cousin the kid’s Godmother. She earned it.

Of course, let this recent spat of dramatic births be a lesson to everyone: Don’t dilly dally when it comes to labor. Make sure your driveway is clear of snow, your car is full of gas, your bag is packed with clothes for a few days, and get to the hospital as soon as the show starts.

I know very little about the birthing process, but when my day comes to become a father, I’ll be camping outside the hospital with my wife. Better that than to getting a crash course medical education over the phone on the side of I-84.

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