While you’re having fun at the beaches in Connecticut this summer, you might surprised to find that everyone is laughing at you.

No, it’s not because your bathing suit doesn’t fit quite right – it’s because you’re the sucker spending their summer traveling in Connecticut.

As it turns out, our state is pretty much the worst place for summer trips. Like, literally the worst.

According to WFSB, of our three “major” metropolitan areas, not a single one broke out of the bottom ten in a study based on costs and hassles of getting there, local costs, attractions, weather conditions, parks and recreation, and popularity.

According to WalletHub.com, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk is literally the worst place to be, ranked 80th out of 80. New Haven-Milford isn’t much better at second-worst at 79th. And Hartford came in at 73rd out of 80.

That’s brutal, but at least it gives us all an excuse to get the heck of Connecticut this summer and go someplace that’s actually cool!

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