Congratulations, Connecticut!  You’re not fat.  Step off the scale and celebrate because we’re amongst the skinniest states in the nation.

CT Post reports that Wallethub felt like ranking each and every state in the nation from skinniest to fattest.  Luckily, Connecticut easily landed in the top ten for having some of the healthiest citizens.

On a national scale, we’re sixth skinniest overall.  However, there’s a bit of bad news to mar this otherwise perfectly great announcement.  We actually fell a spot from prior years.

In 2015, we made the top 5.

Either way, it’s pretty awesome that we wound up in the top 10.  Still, about a quarter of our residents technically fall under the “overweight & obese” spectrum.

But, that’s not as bad as it sounds.  Especially since 7 in 10 adults nationwide fit the definition of “overweight” and “obese.”  The rates tend to be a bit better for children and teens, but the numbers rise every year.

On top of that, the nation spends about $200 billion annually solely for obesity related health care costs.  Also, Americans drop about $68 billion on diets and other methods to trim the fat.

I see you conspiracy theorists.  Fat people are excellent money machines for the health and diet industry.

But, I doubt these industries actually go out of their way to make fat people.  Like, I doubt they rub elbows with the fast and junk food industries to grow their consumer base.

Anyways, Wallethub used data from the CDC to develop their 19 key metrics for their new list.   Their main indicators looked at the overall state obesity rate, health consequences, and food & fitness.

Broken down, state obesity rate looked into individual demographics , from race to age, and determined between overweight and obese individuals.

Health consequences looked into health issues related to weight, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.  They refined their search based on overall money spent and the prevalency rate of each disease.

As for food & fitness, they looked into overall consumption of fruits and vegetables, access to healthy food, fitness centers per capita, and amount of sedentary adults.  They also investigated how many fast food restaurants each state had along with how many sugary drinks the state drank.

Oh, they also found out our state comfort food.  Turns out, Connecticut REALLY loves their New Haven styled white clam pizza.  So, when you look at that based on caloric intake… then yeah, we love the greasy stuff.

But, despite all that, Connecticut managed to land amongst the skinniest states.   On top of that, we dominated the key metric breakdowns in each study.

We had the 2nd best food & fitness score of all, probably since we see a gym at every corner.   On top of that, we love our local farmers a whole lot.  (Massachusetts had us beat, but then again, they are bigger than us.)

We also had the 43rd lowest overall obesity rate and 46th lowest health consequence rate.

As for the fattest state, the honor goes to Mississippi while Colorado ranked the skinniest overall.

So, what do you think?  Do you believe in these numbers or do you think Wallethub got it wrong?

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