Back in the day, Roadsnacks touched upon the sensitive topic of which cities happen to be the most adventurous in the bedroom?  Well, turns out the dirty fantasy problem is state-wide.

Or, is it really a problem to begin with?

Some can see it as Connecticut being one of the healthiest states when it comes to intimacy.   I mean, that’s not a bad thing.  A lot of studies rave about how designated sexy time makes relationships stronger.

Either way, when someone sees the word “kinky,” the mind tends to drum up images of 50 Shades of Grey.  So, obviously, the news is met with very mixed reactions.

Congratulations are in order for Connecticut, who ranked 8th in Roadsnacks’s list of the “most kinkiest” states in the nation.

Using data from one of the Internet’s largest and oldest BDSM site (no, we will not link it.  Think of the children!) they were able to compile results based on the amount of active users, what they choose to spend their money and time on, and what state they hailed from.

Shockingly enough, turns out New England is home to many promiscuous people since it completely dominated the list.  Vermont and New Hampshire came in #1 and #2, respectively.  Massachusetts was 4th.

When it came to diagnosing Connecticut in the top 10, Roadsnacks offered even more details on where most of our kinksters live.  The ‘Burys.

So if you live in Danbury, Middlebury, Glastonbury, Salisbury, Simsbury, Southbury, Waterbury and Woodbury… you or your neighbors are pretty much the reason why we ranked so high on the list.

So, if this news happens to boil your prude blood, here are the states you should consider fleeing to: West Virginia, Washington, and Utah.  They ranked dead last on that particular roundup.

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