As 2016 came to a close, Connecticut’s drought was only getting worse. Water companies were scrambling. The warnings from the government were intensifying. It did not seem good.

But then, in the early days of the new year, we got a ton of rain and snow. Those of us with no science background whatsoever were ready to declare the drought over. After all, look at how wet everything is! We can’t be in a drought if stuff is wet, right?

Wrong. Apparently, despite all the rain and snow, Connecticut is still in a drought. According to WNPR, two counties (Windham and New London) are under drought advisories, while the remaining six counties are under a more severe drought watch.

I’m not generally someone who worries about this kind of thing, but wow. I’ve turned the water off while brushing my teeth. I’ve done fewer loads of laundry. I’ve tried to conserve water. And I’ve watch water and snow pour out of the sky at alarming rates. But we’re still not back to even.

That just goes to show how bad things are. The drought in Connecticut is super real and it could be a long while before we’re back to normal. All the snow and cold temperatures are apparently helping, but if this coming summer is anything like the last, we could be fighting a very, very long uphill battle.

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