According to the Washington Post, Connecticut is the best state to be a teacher!  With an average base salary of $67,040, only New York, New Jersey, and California teachers earn more.  Teachers in states like Oklahoma make on average $39,940.  What makes us better than those states is that more than 80% of our teachers have advanced degrees including Masters, Specialists, and Doctorates.

What benefits us the most is that our class sizes are smaller in comparison to other states.  Our state averages one teacher for every 22 students, where states like New York have about one teacher for every 25 students.  Less students in a classroom translates into more spending money per student.  The average public school child in Connecticut gets about $18,512 per year for their education.  The national average is only $12,000.

Although all of this sounds awesome, let’s not forget one important thing- It costs a significant amount more to live here than in a lot of these other states.  Even though it sounds great to say our kids have the most money for public school education, our teachers are paid the best, and that are instructors are better educated than other states- It’s all relevant.  Our housing costs and cost of living are much higher than those teachers in Oklahoma… BUT, we can still brag that our teachers are smarter.  Because that’s true.


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