When it comes to Connecticut lists, we’ve formed a little habit here at CT Boom. Since so many lists focus on our bad economy, our bad debt, and our bad everything else, we simply acknowledge and tell ourselves, “At least we’ve got our health!”

And it’s true! Connecticut is the 3rd healthiest state in the country. Apparently, we focus on diet and exercise, we vent our frustration instead of holding it in, and so we live longer.

But it turns out that our “health” might not mean much when it comes to our overall “well-being.” That’s according to a Gallup report that puts Connecticut below average in the country when it comes to well-being, ranking us 35th overall.

According to WTNH, well-being is determined in this report by 5 things: Purpose, social, financial, community and physical. And that’s where this thing starts to make a little more sense.

Financial? That’s a problem for very obvious reasons. Businesses fleeing, taking jobs with them, leaving the state without tax revenue, and a budget that will seemingly never be balanced.

Social? Connecticut is notorious for people leaving in droves and I can’t count how many times I see young adults moving to our state and asking, “Hey, where are all the people?”

Purpose? This is another no-brainer. After all, when it’s hard to make a living and get by in our state, what are we supposed to be pushing for? What is the Connecticut dream? When this question is so hard to answer, it’s not wonder we’re below average.

As good as I believe our community and physical well-being is, it’s hard for those two elements to make up for everything else. “At least we have our health” can’t make up for an economy that’s in the toilet and the mass exodus of people from our state.

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