Honestly, the fact that some people choose to not wear a seat belt utterly baffles me.  Seat belts save lives by preventing you from flying out the windshield… or worse.  So, now it looks like CT needs to remind people not to be a total dingus with their life.

WTNH reports that several lawmakers feel that everyone should wear a seat belt.  No excuses.   So, that’s why they want to have the seat belt law apply to back seat passengers as well.

Currently, only those under the age of 16 have to wear them.

Sure, some people believe this proposal has its heart in the wrong place because they believe the state has no right to tell a person what to do.  Big brother and all that, which I totally understand.

And, also, I heard plenty of stories from family members about bouncing in the backseat without seat belts.  Because “that’s how it was back then.”

Well, America banned interracial marriage back then, too.  America made it legal in 1967 if you must know.

Funny thing about the passage of time: people wake up, realize their mistakes, and try to improve on them.

AAA Northeast says this law isn’t as preposterous as some make it out to be. They also think people shouldn’t opt out of seat belts.  AAA spokesperson Fran Mayko brought up the dangers of doing otherwise:

“Rear seat seat belts do save lives.  29 states including Washington D.C. have passed similar laws. So, Connecticut, in a sense, is playing catch up.”

If you ride in the back seat without a seat belt, you’re three times more likely to die.  You are also eight times more likely to become seriously injured. Which, obviously, could result in life-long disability or costly surgery to repair the damage.

Basically, it’s common sense at this point in time.

Connecticut houses some of the nation’s worst drivers.  We also have some of the worst roads in the nation.  Plus, our traffic jams attained somewhat of a legendary status nationwide.

So, put two and two together, and add in our severe weather, you create the perfect conditions for an accident.

That’s why House Bill 5161 unanimously passed the committee where it was introduced.   However, the House of Representatives has until May to vote on the proposal.  And, honestly, no one’s sure they’ll actually hear it before the deadline.

And, as of right now, the house seems tied up with other, more pressing, matters.

Currently, more drivers seem opposed to the legislation.  Connecticut driver Mike Ross told WTNH:

“I’m kind of in between. It’s probably good for safety concerns because they probably have reports that it saves more lives, but I think it should be optional.”

True, accidents rarely happen.  But, when they happen to you, you tend to thank your lucky stars everyone involved wore their seat belts, right?

Like I said, no one likes flying through a windshield because your chances of survival greatly diminish.

So, I’d rather take the two seconds to put mine on and deal with some slight discomfort than the alternative.  But, that’s just me.

All I can say is seat belts saved my life… twice.  So, I think I know what I’m talking about.

How do you feel about this proposal?  Should the state mandate this or should it focus on other matters before dealing with this issue?

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