Connecticut could reportedly soon join Hawaii and California in banning plastic bags at retail checkouts under a proposal that would bring Westport’s successful 5-year-old ban to the state’s other 168 cities and towns.

Why is this potentially happening?

Well, the hippie doofus’ on the state’s Environmental Committee believe that eliminating the use of plastic bags is a waste-management tool, that it’ll create fewer emissions at garbage-to-energy plants and takes away wind-blown bags from trees and bodies of water.

Ok, sure. We’ve “GOTTA save the environment”. But is banning the use of plastic bags in the state of Connecticut going to help do just that?

No, it’s not.

And here’s why I think we should fight this from actually coming to fruition.

First and foremost, that these plastic bags are looked at by state and local governments as “single use” is complete and utter nonsense, because people have many uses for these bags elsewhere within the home.

Think about it. How many people use them to line the wastebaskets in their bathrooms? Or if you’re a parent of a toddler, how many times do you use plastic grocery bags for all sorts of mess containment whether at home or on the road? Then for those of us who are cat or dog owners, how imperative is it to have these bags at your disposal to either clean up litter or dog poop while you’re out for a walk?

There is also a health concern the environmental lobby refuses to address with these reusable bags. When you load your bag full of produce and meats there can be something that falls off or leaks that you may not notice when you empty your bag. Sometimes you’ll get home and realize that after being jostled around in the back of your car, the chicken has sprung a leak and dripped some into your bag. In a good old-fashioned plastic bag, that’s no big deal. Chuck it and move on. With a reusable bag even if you think you’ve soaked it up with a paper towel there is bound to be some of that bacteria left over. In fact, after San Francisco enacted their bag ban in 2007, their hospitals saw a rise in the amount of E. coli cases and even an increase in the deaths from food borne illnesses.

The bottom line is, is that plastic is a major reason we live in a more germ-free, contamination-free, and epidemic-free environment, why hospitals are more sterile, and why we enjoy better health for those reasons.

Amazing that leftist environmental policies fail to realize this, all while initiating these stupid bans, all while ending up with unintended consequences, huh?

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