Well, if that doesn’t say something about our climate, I don’t know what will.  As it turns out, one billionaire flew the coop,but thankfully one new guy moved in, so…. yay?  It means we still have 17 billionaires, the same number as last year!

That said, we still have a healthy number of millionaires, though!  We elected them to office, after all.

Anyways, according to Stamford Advocate, 17 of the world’s 2,000+ billionaires call Connecticut home.

Forbes’ 2018 Billionaire’s list is out and Connecticut made several mentions.  Still, the list boasts that the world hosts over 2,200 billionaires now.  America has the most with 585 on the list, followed by China with a distant 373.

However, 121 people lost their fortune so they fell out of the list, but not enough to cause numbers to go down.  Several new faces made the list this year.  Also, that didn’t stop their overall wealth from hitting new highs.

Combining all 2,208 fortunes together, you’re looking at over … $9.1 trillion.  That’s up 18% since last year.

Also, fun fact, the world’s 1 percent now owns 50 percent of the world’s wealth.

Considering our state’s stagnating wages, and dropping personal income levels, I can’t help but feel so incredibly bitter by this!  The proof of the rich getting richer is right there in the pudding, my friends.  Wish I could earn just 1 percent of their wealth in my lifetime.

Either way, our state lost a few of the world’s most elite residents since last year.  3 ain’t so bad… but you know that number could drop depending on who we put in Hartford next year.

So, who are these people and where did they wind up on this year’s roundup?

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