We’ve had the holiday weekend conversation before here at CT Boom: Yes, the 3-day weekend is a time to live it up and enjoy the summer weather, BUT that is not an excuse for driving drunk, endangering others, and just generally acting like an ass on the roads.

But apparently that conversation hasn’t hit home for quite a few people in Connecticut. We saw over 4,000 tickets issued during Memorial Day weekend, and now we’re finding out that 4th of July weekend wasn’t much better.

WTNH has the numbers and it’s pretty disappointing: 315 accidents, 2 fatalities, 45 injuries, 39 DUI arrests, 1,227 speeding tickets, and 2,913 hazardous moving violations.

Last year, those numbers were lower with only 170 crashes, 33 DUI arrests, 859 speeding tickets, and 2,461 hazardous moving violations (although the crashes resulted in more injuries with 48 and the same number of fatalities), according to the New Haven Register.

I know that, to some degree, numbers spike on the holiday weekends because of heightened awareness and enforcement from police. But just because they’re catching more people doesn’t mean that these same folks aren’t always breaking the law.

The point really comes down to all of us collectively working to keep our roads safe. Every holiday weekend should not come with an immediate uptick in police presence and the imminent fear of getting t-boned by an idiot full of beer and cheesedogs.

The silver lining is that we have a chance to learn from this. With Labor Day just a couple months away, we should take that time to think about how much we really like paying for all those overtime hours the cops work and how maybe it might be nice to feel safe driving to and from all those summer BBQs.

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