Prepare to be offended.

There is no nice way of putting this, and I can only ask that you don’t blame the messenger, but Connecticut is now home to one of the fattest, laziest cities in the United States.

The culprit calling us that? The city in question? Hartford.

Apparently Road Snacks looked at obesity rates, number of fast food restaurants per capita, unemployment rate, and geo-located tweets with #obese or #lazy. Science at its finest, no doubt.

And, unfortunately, Hartford made the cut as the 83rd city on the list with an obesity rate of 24.20%. That’s not fun to hear, but it’s also not the first time we’ve heard it.

We’ve addressed before how Connecticut is struggling with an obesity issue to the point where legislators are trying to declare war on soda. It’s not a pretty scene.

But let’s not invest too much in the findings of a website called Road Snacks. They’re hardly the grand arbiter of who is fat and lazy and other bad things. They’re just a site grabbing headlines.

So let’s do our best to take this negative and turn it into a positive. Sure, it feels bad to be called fat and lazy on the Internet, but trust me when I say the Internet has called many people way worse things than what Hartford is being called now. It’s not so bad.

What would be bad is to just read Road Snacks’ headline, feel bad about our city, and move on. Don’t do that. Instead, let’s use this as an opportunity to see our issues for what they are and help Hartford address any ongoing health concerns. Then, before you know it, we won’t even be on this silly list.

(via WFSB)

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