Statewide Pets in Orange is about to close up shop.  Usually when a company is going out of business, it’s a sad occasion for the owner.  All their hard work is coming to an end, but not for Steve Primus.  Oh no.  He’s ditching the animals at his shop and leaving the country because he’s found paradise with a Dominican princess and wants to move to her homeland.

Huh- that’s different.

I don’t know whether to think he’s out of his mind or doing what we all dream we could do.  Ditch our real lives to go live on a paradise island.  Primus says he can live on the beach in the Dominican Republic for $200 a month (!) and simply enjoy being married to his princess.  But how did he meet his Dominican princess?

He had a free flight voucher after his flight got bumped and decided to use it to go to the DR.  When he got there, he called some guy he knew who introduced him to his sister.  Keep in mind his sister didn’t speak any English and Primus didn’t speak any Spanish.  But through interpretation of the bible (Yes, this is real) they knew they were in love after eight days.  When he returned to the states they would speak on the phone… and by “speak” remember they still couldn’t understand each other but that was enough for Primus to know he wanted to marry her.  So he returned three months later to the DR with an engagement ring.  This would be the third marriage for both of them.  Primus says he promised her a good life.

Well, maybe third times a charm- especially when you don’t speak the same language because they’ve been married since 2012.  What does that mean for the pets in their pet store?  They’re for sale.  Actually, everything is for sale.  He’s closing for good in August and every pet must have a new home.

This story is so wacky that I can’t decide whether it’s beautiful or just plain odd.  Hell, maybe it’s both.  Oh, and she still doesn’t speak very good English.  Makes me wonder if that’s the key to a happy marriage, never being able to understand each other.



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