If there is one rule of the road I’m confident that everyone should follow, it’s this: If the cops try to pull you over, pull over.

It seems obvious, but apparently there are really people out there that disagree. There are people that think it’s acceptable to drive away. There are people that think they can actually make things better by trying to escape.

And then there’s this guy. According to The New Haven Register, a Connecticut Man “played chicken” with police cruisers trying to pull him over in Springfield, Massachusetts. That (predictably) did not endear him to the officers, so when they caught up with him later that night, they literally boxed his car in with their cruisers.

Rather than realize that being boxed in by two police cars is the end of the road, our Connecticut Man decided he could bash his way out of this dilemma. So he rammed the cruisers with his own car, hospitalizing two police officers and earning himself some bonus charges, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon!

Congratulations, Connecticut Man. You’ve successfully pulled off what’s known as “not knowing when to quit.” It’s something you’ll see often in casinos, when a guy is winning big and decides to keep playing while he’s “hot.” But since being hot isn’t actually a thing, he blows his winnings and ends up losing money because he’s dumb.

But what makes your “not knowing when to quit” so impressive, Connecticut Man, is that you weren’t winning like the guy in the casino example. You were already losing since you fled from police and “played chicken” with them. And for whatever reason, you thought it was better to dig yourself a deeper hole than to just accept that you were already standing in a pretty deep one.

So enjoy your fines and probable prison time, Connecticut Man! Maybe next time you’ll just do the seemingly obvious thing and pull over.

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