Normally, when a Connecticut Man story comes through, it brings a good laugh with it. A Connecticut Man who can’t swim trying to escape police by jumping in a river. A Connecticut Man intentionally getting into car accidents for the insurance money. All hilarious.

This story is not so funny.

According to the CT Post, Connecticut Man Junaro Cruz found out his ex-girlfriend got a protective order against him. He was mad and, according to neighbors, stood outside her house for hours, repeatedly punching her dog, an 8-year-old pit bull named Charlie.

Now, what makes this story a Connecticut Man story is the fact that Cruz is 37 years old. He has a lot of years under his belt. A lot of time to learn about himself, about the world, about how to interact with people and animals in this world. And yet still, after nearly 4 decades on Earth, he found a place in his head that said, “Yes, if I punch her dog over and over again, she’ll see that she doesn’t need a protective order against me.”

Sorry, Mr. Cruz, but there’s at least one step in between those ideas that the rest of us are missing. And that includes the police, who arrested Cruz and charged him with animal cruelty, breach of peace, and violating that protective order.

As for the rest of you Connecticut Men out there, take note of Mr. Cruz and anyone like him. When they do this, they sully the Connecticut Man name. It’s on you guys to keep the ranks clean so that when we see a Connecticut Man headline, we know there’s nothing but laughter inside.

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